By Watchdog reporter

The government has told Members of Parliament to take loans to buy monster vehicles.

Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija says there is not enough money to purchase vehicles for such a huge parliament.

The minister says he has priorities such as electricity and roads and buying vehicles for MPs would jeopardize the ongoing infrastructure projects.

Recently, the World Bank, one of the key funders of Uganda’s budget, suspended lending to Uganda over poor accountability and failure to use the money borrowed. The move will constrain several government programs.

Parliamentarians expect to receive free vehicles from government at a tune of Sh200 million. The money has grown from Sh100 million over the last five years.

Kasaija however has advised Parliamentarians in need of vehicles to go ahead and take loans for the same and the government will guarantee their loans.

The move from Finance will upset the MPs who had planned to use the money on different projects as soon as they received the funds.

The amount of money for the vehicles has also been a point of lots of debate among the public, many thinking the parliament was milking hard, a poorly fed cow.