By Watchdog reporter

Two teen boys have impersonating female diva Rema Namakula have been arrested.

Criminals identified as Joel Kamoga and Ismail Ziwa both students of Old Kampala Secondary School, have been conning several people using Rema’s name for more than a year.

According to ‘Tikula’ singer these boys have been getting money from upcoming artistes for promotions and collabos as well as people with weddings and introductions.

“They have Facebook accounts under the name Rema Namakula. One is aged 16 and the other is 17 hmm u can imagine. They have been using the some of the numbers below though they keep changing.. Joel kamoga. .and ismail ziwa ±256794831951,0753341663,” Rema posted on her Facebook page.

“These boys have cards plus a stamp all in my names…please don’t be fooled I don’t beg for money from my fans at any point so do it at your own risk….I apologise to those that have fallen victims to this foolery.. Cyber police helped me catch these boys so all those using fake accounts to fool people u won’t see it coming… fore warned…..” she added.