By Kiyimba Bruno

The president of the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) Moses Muhangi has vowed to buy every medal that is brought back home at a sum of shs1 million each.

This was revealed today in a press conference where Muhangi interacted with the bombers as they get set for the 2018 commonwealth games in Australia.

This comes after a massive rebranding of the federation offices in the new era of Muhangi.

“I promise to award every bomber who comes home with any medal a sum of Shs1 million from my own pockets.” Said Muhangi.

Here Muhangi cautioned boxers who are set to go and represent the country with a target of disappearing from there that he is going to work on them seriously.

“I know no one wants to be poor. We all look for greener pastures. But what means have you used to acquire them? Asked Muhangi.

Muhangi went ahead to advise the boxers to train hard and always have targets that will enable them to become victors.

“It’s of no use for you to become a professional when you do not play any game. Win games here and we as UBF help you peacefully to become what you want to be.” Noted Muhangi

Muhangi also promised to help the Ugandan boxers by availing them with adult learning to enable them know how to speak the international languages like English and French when they get to face cameras.

“I know many of us the boxers do not have self confidence when it comes to things of English in front of cameras. But in my regeme, I want you guy s to be like Justine Juuko, Godfrey Nyakaana and many more. Actually I would be happy to produce thousands of Nyakaana in my regeme.” Noted Muhangi

The bombers shall have the national trials on 10th to 17th of March to enable the coaches shortlist those who are set to represent the country in the commonwealth

Muhangi is one of the few leaders in sports who have changed the face of the game in the shortest period possible.