By Waswa Tenywa

Bodaboda riders operating from Kisenyi bus terminal bodaboda stage in Kampala have today sworn in their newly elected leadership to lead them from 2018 to 2020.

During the inauguration ceremony held at Millennium Hotel in Kampala, Nsaalu George with his ruling committee were inaugurated by the Central Division bodaboda chairman under bodaboda industry Uganda Muhammad Twaha Kasujja.

In his speech as the guest of honor, chairman Kasujja applauded Kisenyi bus terminal bodaboda stage for being developmental and for the aggressiveness they exhibited.

Kasujja argued the riders to mind about changing their attitudes and behaviors as they take on their job if they are to end the policy of calling them children and irresponsible people which he said is an act of undermining the riders.

‘’We bodaboda operators are less developed because we are doing one job and we get less or no saving on the job we are doing and we are called irresponsible people because we are still analogy’’,said kasujja.

He appealed to the riders to be united if they are to protect their job from being infiltrated by the egocentric seekers whom he said have contributed to the undermining of the bodaboda industry adding that low attitude amidst bodaboda riders has affected the riders in the changing world.

Acidri Pascal who was the chairman of the organizing committee said over the 75% of the youthful population in Uganda 60% are in the bodaboda business  arguing that the government to plan for them well in the country to enable them sustain their jobs.

Acidri also asked the newly inaugurated leaders to work for all the people equally and avoid being unreachable by the masses.

Meanwhile the new stage chairman thanked the electorates and appealed to them to work with him to develop and maintain their stage.