While meeting the heads of security in the Boda boda Security Network under CPS Kampala Division,Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police CP. Mwesigwa Frank said boda riders are some of key players in security but they need to follow and work within the laws.

Mwesigwa said there are wrong characters that have infiltrated the bodaboda industry in the guise of business that need to be held with an iron hand and completely flushed out in order to strengthen the security network.

Riders are key in giving police information about wrong doers because at times they are hired for dubious activities like robberies or executing dangerous missions.

Police in Kampala Metropolitan Area is working hand in hand with over 20 boda boda security groups.

Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police met the leaders first to ascertain the most disciplined and reliable riders in their industry to work together with police.

He further sounded a warning against riders that break traffic rules eg. failure to respect traffic lights,carrying more than one passenger,etc ….

However the riders disclosed to the commander that their only challenge was their connection with the area DPCs which was resolved that all bodaboda leaders in specific areas are to be introduced to the officers for better communication and interaction to minimise insecurity.

All this is done in the preparations ahead of the upcoming Christmas Festive Season.