By our reporter

Speculation that Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine plans to run for President has been rifle for some time. However, the riddle has been where does the self proclaimed ghetto gladiator get the money to run his political activities which take him across the country, especially since his music career is no longer profitable that he went into politics.

Bobi Wine’s public relations machinery and visibility is well oiled with a growing foreign network which among other things landed him at the Kennedy School of Government for short course to polish his political tricks.

However, he has kept his visibility and like many politicians know, this is an expensive activity.

Now, Watchdog Uganda website, has sniffed out how Bobi Wine gets his money.

We can now reveal that Jacqueline Wolfson, is the woman behind Bobi Wine’s foreign funding.

The American lady, better known here as Jackie, has been selling Bobi back home and at her large network of funders and fundraisers.

Jacqueline Wolfson(Right)

This website understands that Bobi Wine’s money enter into the country through Jackie’s charity activities, particularly through her education charity, Shule Foundation.

It is understood that political money is followed by intelligence organizations, however some NGOs receive billions of money and go about their activities uninterrupted.

This year, Jackie sought to make her NGO’s profile bigger ahead of big budget funding, and she didn’t not mind sinking $10,000 pet cash into the concert even if she doesn’t recoup the money.

To highlight the concert, she brought in South African singer Chaka Chaka for the Kampala Serena charity concert last weekend.

A well briefed Chaka Chaka did not waste time to endorse Bobi Wine, even baptizing him a “hero” on stage.

All these were well calculated efforts of Jackie to grow Bobi Wine’s international acceptance. Jackie’s profile on Shule Foundation website says, she “is a New York-based entrepreneur who has run her own personal concierge business since 2000.

She has traveled extensively throughout the world, but has come to adopt Africa as her second home especially, Uganda. Since 2008, she has spent extended periods of time traveling across sub-Saharan Africa, living with local families in rural villages, volunteering in various capacities. She is also a graduate student in the NYU Fundraising Masters Program”.