By Najibu Mulema

One time, a scholar known as Benjamin Disrael said we have no permanent friend. We have no permanent enemies. We just have permanent interests.

Singer Bobi Wine’s diehard as well as social media blogger Ashburg Katto indeed has proved that in this world we have no permanent enemies.

Ashburg Katto for long has been known as Bebe Cool’s number one ‘hater’ and for long Bebe Cool has been a centre of insults for the social media blogger.

But today, katto surprised many when he praised ‘love you everyday’ singer as the best musician in East Africa citing that with Bebe Cool, the whole East Africa music industry is complete.

“Big Size or call him Extra Large or call him the owner of music, whom Uganda bows for, husband to Zuena has confirmed to perform live at the 5th annual Hipipo Music Awards at Serena Hotel Kampala on 4TH Feb, 2017,” Katto posted on his facebook page.

Should we assume that Katto reconciled with Bebe Cool or he just trying to play a money making advertising stunt on us?