By Herbert Bukenya

While completing his controversial Arua tour socialite turned philanthropist Brian White has gone political something he had promised never to do before.

He blasted Bobi Wine while talking to a small crowd in one of the grounds in Arua Municipality calling him a lair like most politicians who just wants to use the people and dump them like condoms.

In a video that has gone viral Brian White added that Bobi is a former ganja smoker and drug abuser who can not be trusted with the Presidency or any serious political position in the country.

He went ahead to say President Yoweri Museveni is the right leader who ought to be loved and also paid tribute to the late Abiriga calling him a hero and a serious man.

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Brian White said he is not interested in politics but may be forced to join so as to keep away jokers considering he has the money and brains.