By Watchdog reporter

During his victory party after winning Kyadondo East Parliamentary seat, singer turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine promised his wife that before he dies, he will make her the First Lady of Uganda.

“I want to thank everyone who supported my struggle and above all, I want to thank my beautiful wife for believing in me. Barbie, I want to promise you, before I die, I will make you the first lady of this country,” said Bobi Wine.

Many thought it was the biggest joke of the century little did they know that the legislator might be damn serious though on many occasions he has been beating around the bush in case he is asked if he really meant what he said.

Apparently, the singer is shooting a new music video known as ‘Super Woman’  and the whole video setup used rotates around State House.

And in a few days to come you will be seeing Bobi Wine in his new music video ‘rehearsing’ how he will be enjoying the State House in future after becoming president.

Of recent, he has been on a country wide music tour. Surprisingly, every part he has been to, the singer has been treated to a warm welcome by mammoth crowds-meaning many people all over Uganda recognize his presence and this gives him more spirit to keep his presidential dream high.