By our reporter

A Bobi Wine diehard fan has lashed out at veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda after his recent attack on Kyadondo East Member of Parliament.

Mwenda recently said Bobi Wine is being misguided and that he lacks the basic competences to even manage a village.

Now one Bobi Wine fan, has ‘eulogized’ Mwenda saying that he died long time ago on the political scene and he is now a political ghost.

He says he doesn’t know whose body Mwenda’s ghost used to see that Bobi Wine can’t manage a village yet he’s managing a full constituency and also manages a music empire that has captured territories across the globe.

Read full statement;

To my Late bro Andrew Mwenda;
I call you “Late” because on the political scene you died long time ago. You are now a political ghost! I don’t know where you belong, whether in heaven or hell but trust me you are just anywhere, everywhere in the middle of nowhere!

As a live humanbeing, with all my senses, I have read what you wrote about Bobi Wine that he has no the basic competency of even managing a village! On this note, I don’t know whose body your political ghost used to see that Bobi can’t manage a village yet he’s managing a full constituency, yet he manages a music empire that has captured territories across the globe, a man who manages business in Uganda and does not get tenders from government like you always get those fake tenders/adverts from statehouse for your magazine! I think your ghost must have used Abiriga’s body to come to such a hopeless conclusion!

Mwenda, I still recall the time when you countered Nobel Mayombo on Andrew Mwenda show! You were the Mwenda of the time!

Mwenda, I still recall your comprehensive presentation at Senate building Makerere university where you had detailed evidence to demystify the lies of the State against Besigye in relation to PRA rebels! That was a time when Mwenda existed!

Mwenda, I still recall your provocative interviews with the late Milton Obote on radio! Man, you revealed a lot of hidden info and exposed the dirty work of the military junta! What a hero you were in your life time!

Mwenda, I remember the death of Garanga, I remember how you were arrested because of your patriotic argument about his death, Mwenda you were a hero, a man of his word!

Mwenda, I remember everything about you, before you passed on to another life and and am sure all Ugandans must be missing you!
Mwenda, a professional investigative journalist, you died a quick death, may your soul rest in peace and leave our Bobi wine to do his duty!