By our reporter

The driver of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi has been shot dead.

The driver identified as Yasin Kawuma met his death during the ongoing campaigns for Arua Municipality by-election to fill the vacant position left by Ibrahim Abiriga, who was assassinated near his home in Kawanda.

Kyagulanyi, more known as Bobi Wine, said in a tweet, “Police has shot my driver dead thinking they’ve shot at me. My hotel is now coddoned off by police and SFC.

Bobi Wine and his team had joined the campaign of Kassiano Wadri an FDC leaning Independent who defied his party to jump into the race. Many observers say he is the front leader.

Bobi Wine has been adding colour and new energy in the ongoing countrywide campaigns, which some he is building his generals, and testing his popularly. Some have concluded he wants to be on the presidential ticket come 2021.

The performer turned politician tweeted saying the police aimed at killing him, but, instead ended the life of a young man, a diehard fan of the self proclaimed ghetto president.

DP president N“I condemn in the strongest terms the violence and highhandedness of the and UPDF in the Arua Municipality by-elections. Here is a man shot dead in ’s vehicle. We can’t go on like this! Let the security organs explain this.”

Sources close to the government lashed to defend the police saying they were protecting the life of President Museveni which was in danger.

Social media was awash with unconfirmed reports that Wadri-Bobi supporters provoked the security apparatus, and even stoned the president’s car as he drove to the airfield after the NRM rally.

An hour before the shooting, Bobi Wine twitter ran a tweet saying, “The supporters insisted that we walk to the venue of today’s rally in Arua and so we did.”

It is not clear if the supporters threatened any peace in the process. However, this website has been told that police have issued a warrant of arrest on the person of Bobi Wine, and has been asked to hand himself in to the nearest police station.

On Sunday, Bobi Wine wrote reasons he had gone into Arua by elections, he tweeted that there was “war” in Arua and that is why he was there.