By Watchdog reporter

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine was during weekend denied an opportunity to speak at Gayaza Junior School’s Day;celebrating 106 years where he was invited as the area MP.

At the same function, the Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga was also invited as the Guest of honour.

According to Bobi Wine, he was at the function from 10am to 3pm (5hrs) and as protocol was being ‘observed’, many of the guests who were invited but didn’t show up had their representatives speak on their behalf and when his turn came up to welcome the guest of honour as the area MP, the CAO’s representative was instead invited to perform the role.

“Just at the point when the area M.P. was to be invited to welcome the Guest of Honour, the C.A.O’s representative was instead invited to perform that role,” said Bobi Wine

“My assistant tried to find out from the M.C. whether it was a mistake and they were bluntly informed that they had strict instructions NOT TO LET ME SPEAK. (You might as well want to pick interest in the source and reason for that instruction).Later, a friend who was one of the organisers apologized and told me ‘they’ couldn’t let me speak because they were not sure what I was going to say!” he added.