John C. Ssentongo

Since events of Wednesday where the police officers mercilessly beat up Kizza Besigye’s supporters, there’s been an outcry, and indignation against the brutal state. And so true is the fact law abiding citizens should never be treated as such.

However, what happens to people behaving in the opposite manner expected of them. Treat them as such.

There’s a man in town. His name is Kizza Besigye.

Besigye has spent two months in jail over alleged treason.

In this period, Kampala and its neighbourhood have been so peaceful.

Many people complain of being broke but have been waking up to try their luck in the city uninterrupted by chaotic politicians missing the campaign season. Literally, there has been no riot or teargas in Kampala for the last two months and so.

The police ‘brutes’ were also civil. It seems it’s Besigye getting the worst out of them.

That was until the other day Besigye was released. Hell broke loose.

Now, the judge granting Besigye bail, spent his time counseling a man who believes there is nothing wrong with causing disorder in the city as long as his will is satisfied. Besigye has a right to go and do whatever he wants, but, he should do it in a way that attracts no hullabaloo. If he involved security given his profile, they would find a way to protect him and his supporters.

Besigye isn’t the only star in the world. Several high profile people know what they starpower does to crowds. So. They always seek the security’s help. Only Besigye thinks he doesn’t need security because he has drawn a line between him and them.
So, both security and Besigye regard each other as serving different interests.
It is clear police will never give in to Besigye’s dust raising antics, and Besigye will remain true to his word – he will make Uganda ungovernable.

So, the poor judge that gave the Kasangati man bail on condition he changes his modus operandi, was mistaken. He thought he was talking to a man who takes the advice of judges seriously. But, Besigye despises the judiciary and police in equal measures.

So, the day the same Besigye is lined up before the same judge, I wonder what the learned friend will tell him. For now it seems he erred in his judgment to think Besigye will change his ways upon getting his counseling session.
Besigye has defied all laws of Uganda. He’s following his will. And he is mobilizing his supporters to follow suit. The earlier judges understood that the better for Uganda.