By our reporter

Herbert Kaddu, the man who attacked Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira during Easter Sunday service at Namirembe Cathedral has been charged with two counts by Mwanga II Grade Magistrate Julius Mwesigye.

He was charged with threatening violence in which prosecution says he had the intention to annoy or injure Rev. Luwarira and disturbing religious assemblies, both of which offenses he denied.

Prosecution’s Roselyn Kipora states that on 1st /April 2017 during an Easter service at Namirembe Cathedral,  Kaddu while armed with a stick and a bark cloth,  threatened to attack Bishop Luwalira amidst the congregation .

Kaddu had no sureties in court, he was remanded to Luzira until the 24th March 2018.


The 35 year old Kaddu, a resident of Mackay Zone in Mengo allegedly came to attend Sunday service driving a super custom vehicle registration number UAS 329T, holding a traditional stick and a bark cloth.

Eye witnesses say he ran towards the Alter while the Bishop of was presiding over the service, in the presence of all congregants. Fortunately, security was quick to react thus arresting him before causing any harm to the Bishop.

After the arrest, Kaddu claimed that he was being disturbed by dark spirits so he wanted Bishop Luwalira to offer deliverance to him.

His family members led by his father a one James Kiwanuka also claimed that his son is insane who at one time was taken to Butabika Mental Facility.

However, a police medical report which was released on Monday, stated that Kaddu is mentally sound.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigyire, after getting informed that the attacker was mentally upright, they decided to carry out an investigation to find out Kaddu’s motive.

They found out that Kaddu’s attack was not abrupt but had spent over two weeks preparing.

Some of the people who know Kaddu told police that, he used to tell them that he was going to carry out a mission which will put the country ay Standstill.

Police says after his arrest, Kaddu also contradicted himself when he revealed that he was sent by someone who he refused to disclose.

It is also reported that before attacking Bishop Luwalira, Kaddu first went to Bukalango and he asked Msgr. Expedito Magembe to pray for him. His wish was fulfilled thus expressing his gratitude after proving  that he was feeling fine following the strong prayer.