By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred

The emeritus Bishop of North Kivu (DRC) Bishop Enoch Kayeeye on Friday Cautioned the youth in the country to only engage in Developmental projects, and avoid unnecessary demonstrations.

” Be careful, involve yourselves in issues you know very well “Kayeeye Cautioned the youth.
The man of God said this while speaking to journalists in his office in kirigime, Rushambya, Kabale municipality. It was on a day when AICM  institution (African international Christian ministry) was graduating 520 students.
Kayeeye’s words to the youth  come in a wake of protests that almost swept across the country –  mostly against the alleged torture of MPs Robert Kyagulanyi and Francis Zaake.
The two legislators are abroad for treatment ;the former in the US and the latter is in India.
“Youth be careful with people who organize you to protest in the  country…. … They have their own interests ” Bishop Kayeeye added.
Youth called to be patient in life 
The man of God advised the youth to be Patient in life – if they want to achieve the best in their lives.
” You cannot wake up within a day and you claim that you want to be the president “Kayeeye said.
He said that prospering in life  takes time, hard work and commitment.
Kayeeye said that graduates admire better vehicles, houses and clothing that they see from prosperous people – not knowing that those people have been patient for a long time to achieve that. He called upon graduates from AICM  institution to learn from his words.
Condemns shootings in the country 
The emeritus Bishop worried as to why someone kills a person who’s ought to die in the long run.
“I condemn those shootings. Man was created by God, and so God is the one supposed to take man” Bishop Kayeeye said.
His comments come at a time when urban crime has steadily increased in the country.
He said that the shootings show that we live in a backward society.
Bishop Kayeeye Is the founder of African international Christian ministry (AICM).