By Stephen Kalema

A birthday surprise has re-united deputy director of communication and public affairs (CPA) at Parliament, Helen Nanteza Kawesa with her boss, Chris Obore.

Since the appointment of Obore as director, CPA in 2015, his relationship with Kawesa has toxic with the two allegedly involved in a cold war. Their subordinates have also been forced to take sides.

However on Monday, two bosses  charged with disseminating ‘accurate information and educate the public on the operations and functions of Parliament’ shared a rare smile as Obore led others to celebrate Kawesa’s birthday. This ofcourse came as a surprise to many.

In a video released on Monday, the two can be seen dancing together, side by side like they have so often done.

According to a source who attended the mini party, this is the first time Kawesa and Obore have been seen in a public show of affection in a long time.

It followed an early morning meeting between Obore, the CPA team and the executive members of Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) led by president of Moses Mulondo.

After the deliberations, the source says, Ismail Ranny, the assistant director, CPA told the gathering that it was Kawesa’s  birthday. Immediately, Obore and the team are said to have started chanting the birthday song as Ranny handed the birthday girl a bouquet.

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