By Najibu Mulema

On Boxing Day things did not turn on so well as anticipated by some diehard fans of popular musician Eddy Kenzo who had staged a birthday surprise for him.

Kenzo who made 27 years on Saturday proved that he is a man of no nonsense as he seriously battered fans who tried to shower him with water instead of showering him with birthday gifts.

All this drama took place on Boxing Day at Colline Hotel Mukono. As usual ‘maria roza’ singer stepped on stage started to do what he does best but to his dismay he saw some people boarding on stage then started affronting him through pouring water on him jumping and shouting on top of their voices.

In defense, the angry and confused BET winner started battering whoever comes his way until he calmed himself down.

All in the name of giving a birthday surprise, you get punched for nothing. Next time Big Talent fans get some nicer ways of surprising your boss.