By John Kazooba

When former DPC of Kampala Central Police Station Aaron Baguma turned himself in, it was clear there was something up his sleeves.
It was only a matter of time. Baguma first showed he wasn’t an ordinary prisoner by choosing his jail, effectively turning down Luzira by prefering to go to Kigo.

While in Kigo, it was reported Baguma was jailed like a real prince. And a real prince he proved in court on Thursday and Wednesday when the whole Traffic police boss Steven Kasiima turned out to be his surety.
On Thursday, Baguma was granted bail by trial judge Wilson Masalu Musene despite a spirited fight put up by the state.
The judge ignored all facts against Buguma being granted bail including his earlier dishonoring of court summons. In less than a week, this man on charges of kidnap, torture and murder had left jail.
Baguma and Pine car bond owner Mohammed Ssebuufu are accused killing Betty Katushabe, a business woman over a car she bought from the car dealer.
Baguma who was the commander of the Central Police Station next door, is accused of attempting to help the suspects evade justice.
When his crime caught up with him, Baguma himself played hide and seek with justice. The matter became worse whe he was handled with kids gloves by his superiors, transferring him and assigning him further training programs.
It took the whole minister of internal affairs Gen Jeje Odong to assure the public that the police officer would face the law. It was however not automatic. However, it was absurd that Baguma appeared more powerful than the minister and the law.
It was the pressure mounted on IGP Kale Kayihura in person also as a hunted man that finally led to the sacrifice of the man to appease the angry population that saw police for a force full of impunity.
However, it has been noted that Baguma didn’t turn in himself to subject himself to the law. It was a ploy to calm down the anger of Gen Kale Kayihura’s pursuers after the disastrous attack on the court by the general’s supporters. Kayihura has been sued together with other police commanders for brutality and torture of the civilian population who support Kizza Besigye.
Baguma’s speedy bail, points to the fact that some people are really above the law in Uganda.
The officer’s choreographed justice process, his emotionless body language in court, his posing for photographs with handcuffs, was posited to hoodwink the public. Baguma is free.