By Kiyimba Bruno

After trials of heavy down pours in Kampala city , Betway Uganda has rescued the people in suburbs of Kampala who are suffering with poor drainage systems.

Betway was this afternoon doing voluntary cleaning in the trenches of Makerere Kagugube where sad moments were discovered.

A one Sam, revealed that a 5 year old Sudanese national slipped and fell in the trench only to be discovered after six hours when he is dead.

“We searched for the boy from midday and discovered he was dead in the evening. But tried to riot but all KCCA could do was to renovate part of the place that caused the boy’s death” said Sam.

He added that they no longer have where to dispose off their rubbish and many citizens end up throwing it into trenches which has led to poor drainage in the area.

“KCCA used to collect the garbage but now days they no longer send garbage trucks”

Betway managed to collect garbage from all the trenches and also gave out hoes, gloves and spades to the residents to enable them maintain the hygiene.

Adela Agaba, the Public Relations manager at Betway advised the residents to always keep clean to avoid getting sick.

“We do these events every quarter as a way of giving back to the community” said Agaba.

She advised them get one day per week to enable them do general cleaning.