I was a teenager of 15 years when Museveni took power in 1986, a down to earth girl who followed the occurrences in the Country. I therefore recall vividly that on the 26 of January 1986, while at the stairs of the Parliamentary building, Mr. Museveni did promise Ugandans to demystify the gun and bring to a close all forms of extrajudicial killings. So yesterday, when I woke up to the sad news of a Major and his body guard being gunned down in Kampala and dozens of ordinary citizens being shot with live bullets in Kasese, I could not vacillate to ask whether we were back in the 80s or I had just had a nightmare in my sleep.
Today as I sat to write this article, news came in that in Kampala a Sheilk had been arrested in connection with the murder of the slain Major and in Kasese Wesley Mumbere, the Omusinga of Rwenzururu was in the hands of Security as his palace went up in flames!
What bigger crisis are we waiting for, isn’t it time now that someone else stands at the Parliamentary stairs to bolster the country on the safety of our lives and property?
If there is anybody in Uganda who is extremely disappointed by the events of this weekend, that man must be S.K. Mbuga and his ‘celebrity’ wife. Mbuga must have organized his billion shillings wedding just to make news but alas, the social media and newspapers are all focused on the gun violence in the country. I therefore choose not to cheat Mbuga in this Weekly facebook article.
I am struggling to make sense of the dubious breed of supposedly rich elements throwing money around Kampala lately. Major Publications like Bukedde have not helped the trend since they are devoting pages worth of news on wedding or parties at which obscene amounts of money are displayed.
Majority of these “artificial” rich men are Baganda but they engage in showbiz that disregards the norms of Buganda in as far as whatever function they will be performing is concerned. They are hailed for their flashy lives right from their bedrooms and kitchens that have made fodder for tabloids and main stream media alike. Let alone cars rumoured to be of generations not attained by Uganda yet.
We have seen cult formations around such notions claiming to command such disagreeable proportions of money in the middle of vast nastiness of the average Ugandan. I would think this happens only in Uganda and not anywhere else.
We have seen inspirational Traits around such towering examples as Zuckerberg, Rockeffeller, Ford, Bill Gates and back here home the Mulwanas, Walusimbi, Mpanga, Katongole of Quality Chemicals, etc, none of them is cited in incidences of such reckless and irresponsible expenditure.
Besides, unlike our new breed of richmen, the tabloid tycoons, money magnates elsewhere disclose the source of their income and live up to their tax obligations. Ugandans may devour the gossip with relish but need also to know where these fellows get their money. Have we considered the possibility that these few could have been sponsored by one entity with the motive of trying to dupe Ugandans into thinking that the economy is alive and kicking?
Some time back, Hon. Eng. Winnie Byanyima challenged General Salim Saleh to disclose the source of his riches, if not to all Ugandans but to at least the Banyankole of Mbarara Municipality. Winnie’s argument was that it would be selfishness of Saleh to know the tricks of how to get rich quickly, and keep the secrets away from his Kinsmen.
With such money it would be patriotic for these fellows to let in others, how and where to earn money from. What we are seeing are like scenes in Nigerian movies which have no value or moral relevance to society especially the young generation.
Rich people have been known to their contribution to the economy, they have been associated with factories, farms, companies or a chain of businesses with evidence of hard work, sanity and they have mentored society. Now, before we celebrate the wealth of my brothers in the S.K. Mbuuga’s gang, can they be kind to let us in on how to earn such big monies?