Dear Comrades,
THE ARTIFICIAL machinations by a section of Ugandan Opposition Politicians to create a third (Sad) force will weaken Uganda’s Opposition and retard the struggle against Museveni ‘s Dictatorship…..AND the fact that some FDC have resigned to the temptation to pursue a go it alone project and abdicate on the role of offering leadership to the entire opposition all feeds into the plan of the enemy….To those trying to create an artificial opposition that they lead and to those FDCs who think their Party can swallow the Opposition you must get to know that you are giving the Dictator another lease of life in power…

To these two groups I say,you are not freedom fighters…you are just our ordinary politicians. What we are suffering as a country is bad enough to be betrayed…. The Country is bleeding too much and no one on our side would priotise self or group interests over the revolution by dividing forces of change…Stop greed,egoism,blackmail, arrogance, intrigue…Dont confuse the Struggle….Our lines must be clear,you are either with the Oppressor or the Opppressed.

The Opposition space is big enough and can accommodate all of us…Like stars in a sea of darkness…Uganda is engulfed in turmoil that can’t be solved by a single man, you need not fear we shall all be seen…The struggle is still short of leaders that no one needs to eliminate anybody in order to be relevant in the battles and bigger War for Uganda. In fact our urgent need is to create more leaders for the many followers we have, we need more good leaders who will work with other great leaders right from the village to the National level.

There are those who think that their small acts of betrayal,antagonism,witch hunt,strategizing against individual colleagues in the Opposition can’t affect the struggle…they feel they have personal scores to settle with comrades that can’t wait…to you I say that even friendly fire kills. Yet we cant rule out the foreign hand of the enemy in all this… surely why would one choose this time to plot coups in the Opposition…to target colleagues instead of the enemy?!

Don’t be fooled by Museveni’s apparent weakness and evident disintegration of the junta regime to think that it’s time to share the spoils of war. Ironically It’s times like this when dictators are at their weakest that they do horrible things to their countries.We need each other now more than before for our own safety and consolidation of the liberation strategies and a clear definition of a Uganda that will work for all.