DP at the moment is a ship in the hands of pirates who have also assumed the role of captain and are steering it on a wrong course to a rocky end with the aim of sinking it. It’s absurd that some DP members seem to be resigned to fate and are at the mercy of the pirates. I wish to remind those who have decided to fold their arms and watch the evil drama that there is no winner in a sinking ship. Being in parliament on DP ticket alone requires me to fight tooth and nail to ensure that the party whose identity I carry at the national level doesn’t perish.

Much as  the days are windy , it’s not so turbulent as to render it so dangerous that the ship is beyond redemption. In fact we have available to us the options to call the captain to order, jump ship and take a life boat to safety or let it get wrecked and we sink together. Sources privy to the Mao-Mbidde pirate crew intimate of a conspiracy to wreck the ship and abandon it all together for the safety of another.

Any hesitation on our part to apprehend the pirates to amounts to condemning  a sixty three year old ship to the wrecker yard. The pirates wish to proceed in their conspiracy unchecked and any effort to call them to order is rubbished as splitting the party. The duo and their cronies wish to keep us indebted to them by claiming that we owe them allegiance for having aided our election to parliament. This is laughable since they only associated with us at victory and only use our numbers in parliament to solicit funds, carry themselves around as leaders of political parties and bargain with the regime on our heads with EALA being the most recent example.

I insist that our job as politicians  can’t be done in silence  because the offices we hold are public. We have severally been asked to have our grievances resolved internally as a party and the pirates accuse us of operating away from the ship. Ironically, they’re the ones trying to eject us and throw us overboard. That means we are inside anyway.  One of the options available to a sailor on a sinking boat is to shout out an SOS to whoever is at hand to come to their rescue.

That is a risk am willing to take even if it will anger the pirates. What you have and seen is only the beginning and am ready to pay the price. Plans have been concluded to expel me out of DP (throw me overboard into the sea). But what Mao and Mbidde should is that I don’t mind being expelled from DP because with them in control DP won’t be in existence. DP will still perish with whoever will have remained in it because that’s what Mao and Mbidde have condemned it to.