I am so saddened by the killing of Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his driver Godfrey Mambewa and bodyguard Kenneth Erau by assailants whose motive the country is yet to know. Kaweesi was arguably one of the best Policemen the Country had in the circumstances.

On many occasions I have closely worked with him to try to find solutions to the unending murders in my constituency. I last called him last week while coordinating a proposed security meeting on the rampant incidents of house breaking in Mukono. His assistant told me he was in a meeting and would call back, unfortunately this time he never called back, the next thing I heard was that he had been shot dead!

In the wake of the murder, Police chief Kale Kaihura told the press that those who killed AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, hit police where it hurt most(batukubye awaluma) and hence promised that no stone will be left unturned to unearth and punish the offenders.

On the other hand President Museveni in a statement issued promptly ordered for the purchase and installation of CCTV cameras around the city and other streets.

The pain that came with the death of Felix Kaweesi is understandable but I don’t want to agree that it was only this time that Police was hit hardest, just because the slain was an officer of the force.
In my constituency every after the other day, a young man is hit and killed by up to now unknown Iron bar wielding thugs. At one time, I decided to register every murder in my constituency and raise the matter in Parliament whenever opportunity presented itself. When the register read 120 I gave up, so these days when they kill one of my people we just cry, pick up our corpse for burial, wipe our tears and move on with our misery.

Everytime I raised this matter in Parliament the Minister for internal affairs would casually answer me back that “Government is committed to protect the people of Uganda and those of Mukono inclusive” and this would be followed by an assurance that police would be swinging in action to apprehend the culprits.

To date no single person has ever been arrested and prosecuted successfully for the unending murders in my constituency. We have learnt to live with this pain of seeing people we know by name, young and resourceful, murdered each day.

The mandate of Police is to protect each and every Ugandan and his or her property. So whenever a person is killed or a property is lost, police must acknowledge failure on its part. It is worse in areas like Mukono where for seven consecutive years now people are being killed without police successfully dealing with the vice. To me Police has been hit hardest in Mukono where hundreds of people have been murdered day in and day out in the same manner and style for years.

Unless Police wants to tell us that the murders in Mukono are just a intended genocide against my people, Gen Kayihura should have realized that he is being hit hard long ago. President Museveni ought to have addressed the people of Mukono on these murders and maybe CCTV cameras (not really convinced that this will work) would have been installed in Mukono first.