WHEN President Museveni announced that his mission in this stolen term is to destroy the Opposition some people took it lightly. I didn’t….

Soon the mission harvests become visible in Parliament. UPC has strategically divided herself to have some MPs sit with us on the left side of the Speaker’s seat for formality but fully side with the ruling Party.

An intimate marriage though informal “ Kawundo kakubye eddirisa” style exist between Nrm and UPC. UPC has in unison proved truly loyal in this marriage of destruction. Definitely treacherous Museveni can’t legitimize it with a formal agreement as provided for in the constitution.

As a criminal rebel he prefers to do things illegally even when there is a legal ways of doing it.

Some of our brothers and sisters in the FDC are not safe from the poacher either. We get to see them openly hobnobbing and cutting deals with NRM even where the Opposition would have shined. This group has been tuned to isolate Besigye and other activists for change.

The FDC spokesperson my friend and comrade Ssemunju Nganda seems to have failed to appreciate that many cant understand that he is only being sarcastic. Acting within the new NRM deception propaganda,he quickly defends any Fdc working openly for Nrm! Diversionary Justifying evil thus: “So and so is honesty because at least for her/him s/he goes to Museveni during day unlike others who go at night”

I wish Ssemujju knows how much that statement offends some of us. It casts doubt on even a few of us who have resisted temptation on top of demoralizing the public.

Now, my Party DP is walking exactly in UPC’s footsteps. Soon we are set to have a marriage consummated between NRM and Uganda’s oldest Party; this time publically. I first noticed this new found love of deception when President Mao vaguely answered questions about the position of DP on Nakiwala Kiyingi’s appointment in Museveni’s cabinent.

In my view this matter needed no constitutional lawyer to construe. Nakiwala has since continued imposing herself onto the DP high table with impunity. It’s this impunity therefore that has given confidence to party chairman Kezaala and vice President Mbidde to trade with Nrm in broad day light.

True Benidicto Kiwanuka worked in Amin’s government but why forget that he paid for the same with his own blood plus that of many other DP members?

Today, I can’t bring myself to discuss other seemingly bigger issues in the country. No society however offended can liberate itself while staying leaderless. As the bible says, “hit the shepherd and the sheep shall disperse:”

This is exactly what Museveni employs to turn politically defiled Ugandans leaderless by using state resources to buy off and compromise all leaders. Using state organs M7 has made it almost impossible for any body in any field to prosper or even survive unless you accept being his puppet. Even to some of us who have withstood his canning ways, he uses state resources to employ people to demonize us that you work with him in the night so as to create a feeling that none can live to tell the tale without him.

What Ugandans have never asked themselves is: If the “bought” are bad, what about the buyer?”

That is why this time I won’t laugh and mock Kezaala. I wish to say that I will miss you Beswale Mohammed Kezaala; you have been the only prominent DP-leader across the Nile. I restrain myself not to move to the Stella Nyanzi sphere but I curse the day Museveni took power. May you God come for me as soon as you detect in me signs of betraying the Ugandan population that has been lobbied of all form decency under this regime.To Ugandans and comrades in the struggle;the most important and urgent thing now is to reorganise and redirect the struggle against Museveni the person and Musevenism the ideology.

Nice Sunday.