By our reporter

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze has joined the likes of Pastor Robert Kayanja, Capt. Mike Mukula to sympathize with struggling artiste Ivan Kawuma popularly known as Qute Kaye who was on Thursday caught red-handed while stealing car headlights.

Qute Kaye was arrested and later detained at Nateete Police Station after he was allegedly found removing the headlight of the vehicle, registration number UBA 482K, said to be owned by Jackson Musisi.

According to the legislator, Qute Kaye needs to be checked into a rehab centre instead of being subjected to a public ridicule.

Nambooze says it clear that the musician has failed to get strength to take himself through the challenges of life which means that he needs a helping hand from Ugandans.

Nambooze wrote;

How do we get to assist Cute Kaye….its clear he needs our hand….am of the opinion that maybe we check him into a Rehab of some sorts and not a criminal Prison or subject him to public ridicule.

Am not suggesting in anyway that this young talent is on drugs but it’s clear he is not finding it easy to get strength to take himself through the challenges of life.

This relapse should not be viewed as a failure but should instead be seen as an obstacle he must overcome with assistance of friends. We need to provide for him an opportunity to reassess his path and get back into a situation that can offer him a new beginning.

I want to be part of this effort and would wish to request the music fraternity to start up some drive for our Cute Kaye. Why Cute Kaye of all youth who need assistance :because he created a distinguishable brand and he is tall enough to be seen by many, if he is rehabilitated he stands to be an inspiring story and role model to many, I mean this is simple logic.