By Najibu Mulema

On Monday there was collision between the Kampala city Traders Association (KACITA) and street vendors. KACITA with the help of police managed to forcefully vacate vendors from streets of Kampala but within the blink of an eye, the vendors were already back on the streets, not even the police could force them to move an inch again.

On the same day the Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago called for a meeting to find resolutions between the two conflicting parties but it was like more of the same, as the meeting never yielded any fruits.

Today the minister of Kampala, Betty Kamya has issued a statement directing all illegal vendors off the streets of Kampala.

In her words, Kamya said, as part of effort for the government to improve Kampala city, all illegal street vending activities will not be allowed to continue because they affect trade and cause a security threat, congestion of streets and walkways.

They prevent normal operations of licensed business and also create unfair trade competition.

Street vending also cause littering of the citt and make it impossible to maintain and clean the roads and walkways.

From there the government decided to direct all the vendors off the streets, road reserves, open spaces, road carriage ways and sidewalks forthwith.