By Kiyimba Bruno

Ojok Peter,a residence of Oyam district on Wednesday won Shs50 million after placing a bet at bet Pawa.

The cheque was handed over to him by the company’s Marketing Manager Livingstone Mugambe in a press conference that took place at Hotel Eliana in Ntinda.

On receiving the dammy cheque,Ojok said that the money has come as a blessing from God since at that moment,he needed Sh8m to enable him help his sick sister get a medical operation.

On this note he thanked bet Pawa for accepting to give him such a huge amount that he had never thought of holding in his life.

He however advised all people who go for betting to first think of their families since it looks bad for someone to have a family sleeping without food  yet the husband took the money to betting.

After receiving his money,Ojok  happily noted that he is now counted as a millionaire who is going to start up a heavy business in Oyam to enable him sustain the money that he got.

Mugambe said that he is happy for such a young man to win that huge amount of money. He however advised him to utilize the received money wisely in order for him to stay rich.

“Chance comes once and never returns. So if Peter has won , he should utilize the funds received and spend it in the best way that can keep him rich”Said Mugambe.

Meanwhile, Mugambe discouraged the under age from betting since its not acceptable to them.

“We highly discourage the under age from betting. If we find you, then we will automatically close your account with Bet Pawa”he noted.

Bet Pawa is one of the few first growing companies that has taken over the digital platform of betting,trashing away the receipt system.