By Watchdog reporter

Freshly released from Luzira maximum prison on bail where he has spent two months on remand, FDC leader Dr Kizza Besigye will tonight pour out his heart to the nation on NTV’s show On The Spot.

Patrick Kamala, the host of the show, scooped the interview with Besigye earlier today.

Besigye who is still facing treason charges among other cases in various courts has announced that he will start from where he stopped in his defiant campaign, despite calls from the judge that released him to give up on the his fight, at least until all cases against him are disposed off.

The retired colonel says President Museveni once again rigged him of his victory in the February 18 elections. However, he has not experienced any peace since the results were declared on February 20.

Besigye is also expected to talk about the beatings his supporters have suffered in the past couple of days since his release. Besigye has denounced the police for its brutality but also government officials have criticised the police for its highhandedness.