By our reporter

Former presidential candidate has today survived being killed by police in Rukungiri after shooting live bullets at his car during the anti-age limit removal protest.

Earlier today, Besigye followed with a mammoth crowd putting on red ribbons managed to overpower police to find their way to Rukungiri Town.

Officers tried to block his way by manning a road block but the main opposition figure opted to disembark his car and walked past the armed security operatives.

As Dr. Besigye led the procession through Rukungiri town, a scuffle ensued as police tried to disperse off the protestors using teargas and firing live bullets in the crowd.

In the due process, a young man was hit by a stray bullet on the head which ended his life.

And Dr. Besigye’s car windscreen was hit by live bullets fortunately; no one inside the car was hurt.

Meanwhile, part of the crowd has staged at Rukungiri police station over the killed youth.