By Najibu Mulema
The minister of information and communication, Frank Tumwebaze has coughed at Dr Kizza Besigye’s relief program as populist move without good intentions.
The minister’s reaction follows a decoration by the former Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) presidential candidate ,Besigye to form a committee to solicit domestic and foreign food relief to famine stricken districts. Tumwebaze says Besigye is using the situation for political games and advise from political donors that he declined to mention.
“As usual Dr Besigye is a populist who wants to jump on every matter. My questions to Dr Besigye is this the first time one part of Uganda has experienced famine as a result of drought? Is this the time that he has remembered that in one part of the country there has been crop failure so let me come in and help?” Tumwebaze said.
“Let him go and donate, we know he gets money from abroad, let him show us the money and let him declare where the money comes from. He talks about fighting corruption and good governance. How can he be a champion when he cannot disclose where he gets the money from?” He added.