By Najibu Mulema
The former Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) presidential candidate ,Dr.Kizza Besigye has assured the government of Uganda that he will not stop demonstrating against the security organs which have decided to make his  home their resting place.
While addresing journalists at his home in Kasangati today,Besigye said ever since the end of the recent presidential elections,the police have been treating him as a prisoner at his own home.He argued all Ugandans to join hands with him to rescue Uganda as well as his home.
Yesterday,Besigye was arrested  by police as he tried to remove barricades which limited people from accessing  his home.
“I don’t have a home now and Ugandans also don’t have a country everything was taken over by the few people with guns but me i will fight until they vacate my home.”Besigye said.
However,the deputy executive director of Uganda media centre,Col.Shaban Bantariza says,the government will not stop oppressing Besigye until he gives up his defiance campaign.
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