By Watchdog reporter

Police dropped Kizza Besigye back at his home shortly before midnight on Saturday.

The police has mounted a roadblock at the FDC man’s home in Kasangati.


However on Sunday morning, the officers with numbers making up a police station, realized Besigye was not home.

Shocked, they found out his vehicle was headed to Kampala. As usual, the excited police officers jumped into action.
They trailed it, blocked and surrounded it only to find the driver without Kizza Besigye.

Puzzled, they informed their bosses that Besigye was neither home or in his car.

As they wondered if the Kasangati man had flown out of the country as they slept on duty, a photo emerged showing Besigye attending a funeral in Irimbi, Namutumba district.


But then, why is the police dying to deny Besigye any breathing space?
Those asking what Kizza-Besigye is doing in Namutumba, he was at Duwa prayers for Yasiin Isiko, former Mayuge District FDC chairperson who was murdered in cold blood.