Controversial political analyst, Tamale Mirundi has alleged that Dr Kizza Besigye doesn’t have support among Ugandans.

He said that if people had a stronger alternative to help them advocate for change, Dr Besigye would be nowhere.

“Besigye doesn’t have support among people, even in his party. People follow him because because they love change but the moment he deviate from the cause he will be left alone,” Tamale said.

He also said that Besigye’s policies will never work in Uganda and he should accept that Museveni defeated him.

On the issue of Bunyoro oil land, Tamale accused the ‘mafias’ of selling oil land in Bunyoro to themselves. He advised the government to tackle Bunyoro land issues carefully and use diplomats not arrogant people like the minister for lands, Betty Amongi.

“If you want to deal with Bunyoro, you don’t have to send arrogant people like the minister of lands who doesn’t know the history of Bunyoro. The government should get a diplomat like the the president to go to Bunyoro and solve issues,” Tamale claimed.

He said that while appearing on his weekly program dubbed as ‘one one with Tamale Mirundi’ on Nbs tv.