By Watchdog reporter

Former Presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has said the way president Yoweri Museveni is running the country; death and ignorance are likely to take the front seat.

Commenting about the cut of Education and health budget and allocating shs74 billion to Museveni for donations, Besigye said that money in question would have equipped 26 Referral Hospitals with cancer treatment machines.

“As budget for Education&Health is cut, Shs 74bn is allocated to Mr M7 for donations! Death&Ignorance to make STEADY PROGRESS!” Besigye tweeted.

“M7 “donation” money could equip 26 Referral Hospitals with Cancer treatment machines! Makerere was closed for months due to Shs 28bn!” He added.

Recently government said that Museveni’s donation is meant to allow the president relief and openhandedness to satisfy endless list of demands from needy citizens as well as sponsor students.

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