By Watchdog reporter

The security of Kizza Besigye’s inner circle communications has been compromised, with the leakage of confidential conversations among planners of the FDC leader visit to his home area for thanksgiving prayers last weekend.

Intelligence intercepted the conversations of planners of Besigye trip to Rukungiri but with plans to make a statement in Mbarara. The trip ended with purported Besigye supporters throwing stones at police, in order to force police to arrest Besigye before he reached Rukungiri. Police however looked on as supporters provoked them.

Police had got intelligence that the planners wanted to create havoc in Mbarara, so they just let Besigye drive through the town interrupted, for his planned prayers in Rukungiri, which went on without hullabaloo.

In the whatsapp conversation thread involving FDC activist Ingrid Turinawe, Frank Atugonza of Hoima and journalist Ronald Muhinda of Radio One, among others, the planners deliberated about the best way to cause impact in the trip. Ms Turinawe admitted that Besigye prefers to resist and be arrested, and later, adds, she was mobilizing journalists to the place they have earmarked as the “battle venue”

Turinawe writes in one of chats Watchdog is sharing below, “Even if it was possible, anyway, KB can’t jump on boda to hide from police. He will prefer to resist diversion, have his car broken into and get arrested. I am now looking at mobilizing press to be there and may be getting residents to slope from town to the battle venue.”

KB is the abbreviation for Kizza Besigye.leak3 leak5 leak4 leak leak2 leak1