By Najibu Mulema

While appearing on a political Nbs Tv show dubbed the Frontline, former Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) presidential candidate, Dr. Kizza Besigye attributed the rising rates of insecurity in the country to increased numbers of unregistered guns which are generally owned by the people close to the government.

“The problem is not people with licensed guns but guns which are not registered anywhere.There are so many guns, you go on streets and find bodaboda riders having pistols and when you ask some students at Makerere university, they will tell you about some students who are armed,” said Besigye, on show hosted by Charles Odongtho, with panelists such as Norbert Mao and Miria Matembe.

According to FDC honcho, if security is to be observed in the country, people themselves should be involved and once they are detached from the institutions of justice then there’s a fundamental problem.

He further accused some institutions of failing to protect the civillians.

Recently in Uganda, there have been alot of civilians shooting incidents that saw many people including politicians, businessmen, Muslim clerics and civilians losing their lives with the most recent one is the incident that happened in Lugogo where a one businessman Matthew Kanyamunyu allegedly shot an NGO worker, Kenneth Akena for scratching his car.