By Stephen Kalema

Former Forum for Democratic Change president, Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has  castigated Nabweru police post for arresting a party mobilizer, Luzze Sula Masambe, who had hosted him the previous day.

While speaking to journalists at Nabweru police station Besigye, a four time presidential candidate, said “I don’t know what exactly Luuze did and I am still wondering why they would arrest a person I have just visited and not me. Police can’t tell me whom I should visit and whom I shouldn’t,” he said on Thursday.

Luzze, a resident of Nabweru, Wakiso district was arrested by police on Wednesday after hosting Besigye at his homethe same day. He was accompanied by other locals. During the visit, however, Dr Besigye said policemen came and accused them of holding illegal meetings. When the politician left, Luzze was arrested.

Police also condemn Besigye for not notifying them about the visit yet he is a Very Important Person. Besigye however said he didn’t need  any protection since his visit was not political.

“We are going to continue complaining about this incident because every citizen of this country has rights that are constitutionally  protected,”
Besigye told police.
Luzze was later released on police bond.