By our reporter

The home of Uganda’s first Prime Minister and Democratic Party (DP) steward Benedicto Kiwanuka was on Sunday demolished by moneylenders following his son Maurice Kagimu Kiwanuka’s failure to pay debts.

The said home is located in Ben Kiwanuka Zone, Rubaga.

During the demolition process, the remains of Ben Kiwanuka’s wife were also exhumed and grave destroyed.

Now, Kiwanuka’s daughter Regina Kiwanuka has spoken out regarding the incident.

She has said the demolished house was the only treasured family heirloom but also a national landmark for Uganda.

She has also revealed that her brother admitted that the house was demolished after a debt gone wrong.

Regina has further noted that her mother’s remains are to be transported to their burial place in Masaka.

Read her full statement;

Hello dear friends,

It is very true my father´s house in Nalukolongo is gone. Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort and support, and all your concern for that great loss to our dear motherland Uganda. My father´s house was not only a treasured family heirloom but also a national landmark for Uganda.

I understand it is too painful and unacceptable, to echo just a few of your comments. And yes you all deserve some insights as to what happened.

It is no longer a secret as my younger brother Maurice Kagimu Kiwanuka has already admitted it was a debt gone horribly wrong.

We were all holding on to that house for dear life and with oh such great memories. Especially since Ben. Kiwanuka´s remains are yet to be located and accorded the befitting burial.

I am sure that the bulldozer was ripping through the hearts of the patriots just as it was ours.

It was a grave error on our part and dreadful to our dear father, the late Ben. Kiwanuka. However, I appeal to the people of Uganda and all our friends from far and wide, to not apportion blame at this time of grief, but rather, to pray for the family to recover from this ordeal.

The late Maxencia Zalwango´s remains on the grounds are to be transported to our burial place in Masaka. Our beloved mother and father, may the good lord rest their souls in peace.

Kampala mayor Hon. Lukwaago, thank you so much for your support and all the good people down in Uganda. I hope this gives you the feedback you were requesting earlier on.

On behalf of the late Ben. Kiwanuka family, I sincerely thank you all for your understanding and support.

Regina Kiwanuka