By Najibu Mulema

Residents in Nazigo in Kayunga district are under attack after bedbugs rapidly took over almost every homestead.

People no longer know how a calm sleep feels like at night as they are busy squeezing bedbugs which deprive them of their right to sleep peacefully.

A non- governmental organization, Mama Initiative Uganda had organised a seminar to find ways on how to combat the problem of family conflicts which had became rampant in the area but to the NGO’s dismay, residents shunned the topic claiming that they cannot listen to what the organization had to tell them because they had a more serious issue concerning the bedbug attack which has left them more miserable.

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The residents, represented by minister Aidah Nantaba, called upon the president of Uganda to help them solve this tickling issue like he did with food when they were hungry.

The director of Mama Initiative Uganda, Dumba Kanyinya said, “The sanitation in the area is too poor to the extent that some homes do not have toilets.”

“I encourage these people to improve on the general cleanliness of the area and this may help to reduce the bedbug infestation,” Dumba added.