By Allen Kisakye

‘Big Size’ Bebe Cool publicly announced that he was to take a musical break until further notice following the bottle-throwing event that befell him on August 31 during the Swangz All-Star Concert.
We knew he was joking. The Kabulengane hit maker could have used the publicity gained from the fracas to compose a come-back song to express himself on matters of violence, riots and why people should love Kampala.
The song, released last week is called “Nsirikamu”.

Currently this song is the talk of the town and the most trending on social media because of how Big Size preached about current political affairs in the ‘Bebe Cool way’.
“Let’s teach the young generation what we did, how we did it to become better people,” he posted on his social media pages. Bebe also added that; “we worked in Kampala/Uganda, became big in Kampala/Uganda, we made life in Kampala, Uganda, we are now loved and praised in Kampala, we must also love, protect and praise Kampala no matter how little it has for us”.

In this song, Bebe says that “Sometimes he keeps quite” and when he gets money, he goes out for fun. He pins some ‘undisclosed people/person’ for preaching bad gospel of violence to youths which in return leads to massive bloodshed in the country.
Despite the mature content in this song, “social media music critics” always have a say about everything, comments following Bebe’s post about the release of this song are so negative given the fact that this was a well thought of song
A few comments were advising BebeCool to “kusirikira ddala” and others were advising him to keep quiet about the matters of politics and just stay doing his music; However some people appreciated the lyrical component of the song.

Over view.
When Kyadondo Member of Parliament, Hon Kyagulanyi and 33 others were arrested in the aftermath of Arua Municipality by elections and brutally tortured, many musicians came up to show solidarity.
Artistes such as Chameleon, King Saha, Bafana among others showed support by posting messages under the #FreeBobIWine hashtag. However, Bebe Cool refused to join this campaign. To make matters worse, Bebe Cool publically trashed the campaign and the musicians that joined this campaign.
Bebe Cool was quoted saying that he doesn’t pity Bobi at all and he deserves everything that’s happening to him. This drove many music lovers mad.

During the Swangz All-Star Concert, fans hit Bebe Cool with water bottles before he could even sing the first line of his song. He left the stage humiliated and disrespected. That’s when he decided to go silent.