Moses Ssali whose stage name is Bebe Cool has come out to comment on the events of Arua and its aftermath which threw his nemesis Bobi Wine into the international spotlight and Uganda into a public relations crisis.

Speaking after the bottle throwing incident by people chanting People Power, the slogan associated with Bobi Wine’s political movement, Bebe Cool poured cold water on Bobi Wine’s injuries and reported illnesses, saying he was just acting.

“We have been doing these games for 20 years,” Bebe said.

The munene munene singer also said the bottle incident was minor saying they should have thrown a million bottles to hurt him.

“International cameras were there seeing what was going on, that was good for me. They were few bottles,” Bebe said.

The singer defended the Bobi prank (kiwaani) saying they’ve been doing pranks to draw attention to themselves as celebrities for a long time.

“When Museveni came to my concert as Kololo airstrip, he rushed to Arua and threw stones at the President to get attention.”

In a video shared by Kakensa Media on Facebook, Bebe Cool demands for tolerance saying Uganda was the most free country in the world and he should be left to vote President Museveni and otherd who want Kizza Besigye be left to do so.

He also challenged Bobi to prove he was injured during the Arua fracas.

“He doesn’t have a single cut on him,” Bebe said, referring to Bobi as a prankster who was hoodwinking the public. He argued that when Bobi came to court he was wearing ‘boots’ which would be too heavy in the feet for an injured person.

Bebe added, “Bobi was held for only one week, can wounds heal in one week only? He has no single cut.”

Bobi Wine was however subjected to government medical professionals before he was allowed to fly out of the country on Saturday evening. It was feared his kidneys would be in danger as well as his private parts which he claims he injured during the scuffle with the security agents in Arua.

Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake who is still battling illness in Mulago, and 32 others, were arrested in Arua on August 13, 2018 after special forces protecting the President claimed supporters of MP elect Wadri Kassiano had pelted stones at the President’s convoy in Arua.

The group was jailed in Gulu and charges of treason were preferred upon them. The country as well as the world sympathised with the group and as pressure mounted, the government relaxed its grip on the group, giving them bail.

It’s Bebe Cool however giving a new twist to the story, claiming Bobi was acting as they have always done in the showbiz industry.

Shockingly Bobi Wine sang about pranks  (kiwaani) is one of his early songs.