By Herbert Bukenya

At the beginning of this year dance hall artiste Bebe Cool made a pronouncement that he would have two mega hits at least by the 4th month of this year 2018 some thing fans have been eagerly waiting for but it hasn’t exactly happened!

While some of his songs like Katono, I do plus Up and Wine have received considerable airplay non can be considered a real run away hit as they don’t even feature in the top 10 of most viewed tracks on youtube or downloaded on music sites for 2018 and neither are they topping local tv and radio charts for Ugandan songs.

That got fellow dance hall artiste A Pass asking in a recent post on line about what exactly became of Bebe Cool’s threat or promise to have a monster hit or two by the 4th month of 2018.

Having been recently criticised for doing songs considered bubble gum and not of his age, Bebe Cool who insists he is doing music for all age groups and markets needs to search himself deeper and make that monster hit he promised before the year ends!