By Watchdog reporter
Singer Bebe Cool is a proud man. He is one man that would defend what everyone else sees as impossible as long as he is arguing his way to win.

And when music fans (the bulk in Kampala and its surrounding that don’t support the government) were up in arms over artists throwing their weight behind President Museveni campaign.
Well, since voting day, business has been bad for him and his colleagues, but he has continued defending his position until recently.

Well, it is already midyear and Bebe Cool’s savings are dwindling since Kira MP Ssemujju Nganda called for a boycott against all artistes that promoted candidate Museveni in their Tubonga nawe song.

Realising he cannot die in his own movie, Bebe Cool has decided to bury the political skeletons and rekindle his fans’ love.

He has started by apologizing to his fans in the way he knows best, using his artistic license.

In his new song ‘I am sorry’, Bebe begs his fans to forgive him.

Let’s wait to see if the fans will warm up to him.