By Kiyimba Bruno

The National Beach Soccer League manager has vowed to punish teams and players who do not adhere to the league’s rules and regulations.

According to Ms Phoebe Kutamba, many teams and players rarely follow the day’s fixtures and just walk around the play area. This leaves organizers with the uphill task of trying to find them. This has led to slowing down the pace at which it was game was moving.

“Time is a key factor that all clubs must embrace. I will punish any team that comes late for the game just as our rules state,” she said at Fufa House on Tuesday.

“We are playing in a league which has rules. These rules have existed since then and as far as I know all clubs have copies of the league rules. I expect them to comply accordingly.”

Real Galacticals, one of the league’s oldest teams is known for breaking most of the game’s laws. In the past, they have been accused of poor dress code, bad time management, attitude as well as using foul language by players.

In the same vein, the chairman of Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA) Mr. Deo Mutabaazi said, together with FUFA, they will equip players with up to date rules which  will enable them to manage international competitions.

Match day two  games will be played on Sunday, October 17. Then, Bishop Stuart BSC will play against Buganda Royal BSC while Talented BSC will take on Nkumba University BSC. Mutoola BSC tackle MUBS BSC and Entebbe Sharks will take on Bishop Stuart University.

Ladies will also be involved with Katuuso Comm playing Uganda Matyrs, Buganda Royal Vs Alphoenixx GG, and Talented Vs Mutesa 1 Royal university.

The games shall be played from 11am to 6pm at Lido beach Entebbe.