President Museveni has appealed to the newly appointed judges and justices to be fair and avoid corruption in their time of service to the nation. This was during the swearing function of the judges of the court of Judicature that the President presided over at State House, Entebbe.

Sworn in as the new Judges of the High court are; Paul Walimbwa, Alex Makayi, Kakooza Sabiti, Tadeo Asimwe, Olive Mukwaya, Jane Francis Abodo, Sekaana Musa, Joyce Kavuma, Emmanuel Baguma, Patrick Wabwire and Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi of the Court of Appeal.

His Excellency informed the newly appointed judges that they had to serve in the judiciary with the intention of upholding the reputation of the courts, building trust and confidence among the population that they serve.

“We talked about computerizing of records such that you don’t have to write but listen attentively. We also talked about facilitation to different sites especially in areas that have to do with land matters, we are aware of the logistics  which are out of your control but be fair, don’t be biased and don’t be corrupt because these two are very crucial,” said Mr. Museveni.

The President also urged the judges to always analyze issues very carefully especially when it comes to procedures over substance, adding that procedures are important but sometimes can be technical.

“The other day we were discussing the granting of bail, people were arrested for threatening to cause violence in order to scare people away from voting, it is not a correct decision to bail them out before elections are done because they will continue scaring the people. Some judgments need you to look at substance rather procedure,” remarked Mr. Museveni.

The President congratulated the appointed Judges and Justices and was happy to note that there was a growing list of young judges in the country.