By Watchdog reporter

Kampala International University proprietor Hassan Basajjabalaba has blasted the Minister of Health for alleging that the students at the KIU medical school were unqualified.
Speaking at the 15th graduation ceremony of KIU, tycoon Basajjabalaba challenged the Minister to produce only one student at the medical school who doesn’t have qualifications or one medical officer who did his/her degree at KIU who can’t do his/her work effectively.
Tycoon Basajjabalaba who didn’t mention names, said that the Minister is a problem to Uganda because of her poor quality and he has already reported her to the President for her poor management style.

The minister of health is Dr. Aceng Jane, an accomplished medical doctor.
“Public officials should avoid making reckless statements in public because they endanger our nation,” said Mr Basajjabalaba, who wondered “How can you put in balance the academic credentials of thousands of people just to fight personal battles?”
Basajjabalaba did not spare other government departments including Parliament saying that the problem of Uganda today is about quality as most positions today in government were occupied by people of low quality.
Among guests at the graduation included Kampala Minister Beti Kamya, and opposition minister for Local Government whose daughter Sylvia Bakireke graduated with a law degree from K.I.U.
Watchdog reporter Najibu Mulema, was among 1,719 students who graduated this year.

Kampala Minister Kamya praised Basajjabalaba for his great foresightedness. She said private universities like KIU need government support. She also promised to take his grievances to the President.

A total of 750 students who completed university were unable to graduate for failure to clear tuition.