By our reporter

Events promoter Balaam Barugahara, who led the organizing committee of fallen music icon Mowzey Radio’s burial on Wednesday released a breakdown of the funeral expenditure.

Balam played a very big role right from the time when the singer was fighting for his dear life at Case Hospital until his death.

He wrote;

Thank you message to whoever contributed to the burial arrangenments morally and financially . Allow me share a summary of accounts received and spent .

Lastly I advise all those who wish to convey condolence messages in same respect to reach out to his family representives Frank on 0703393825 and Fatuma on 0756713324

Our role was conclude and aim achieved of dignified stand off of our super star .

Case clinic will refund net 29,000,000 paid after deduction of amount used in treating Mozy Radio the money will be given to Radio family before Friday.

We shall remain supportive of family if approached

Cash contributions towards burial expanses as personally received by
(1) . Mr President 20m shs
(2) Elvis sekyanzi 1m shs
(3)Juliana k. 1m shs
(4) JB Legrand. 0.5m shs
( 5) KK Advocates 2m shs
Total. 24, 500,000 ugx
Expenditure list
– 5 small tents in nakawuka 300k x 5= 1.5M .
– 3000 chairs @ 500 for Nakawuka = 1.5m.
– funeral directors for Coffin , grave construction and Terrazo finishing
Wreaths,body treatment and transport= 14.4m
– Order of service books lubaga cathedral
1500pcs x 2000ugx ……………………………3m
– sound deposit nakawuka …………………4.1 m
TOTAL = 24.5M
Balance on Nakawuka sound is = -2.9m


– Food & water fully Paid for by State House
Contracted service provider for 3 days
– Tents and chairs at makindye Free service by switkid
– Tents and chairs at kololo by UPRS
– sound , stage , lights , generators and screens at kololo paid by Bryn white 10m + Balaam 3 m Total 13m .To avoid conflict of interest we contracted vibes production.
– sound at makindye was provided free by. Meserch semakula
– kololo venue given free to us by Government of Uganda through ministry of Defence

pecial thanks to the following people I worked tirelessly with to make the events a success Family and friends of Mozy , His mgt , Kampala Funeral Directors, Julius Kyazze Mesach Semakula Juliana Kanyomozi Sophie Gombya Ibrahim BigEye Mayanja Dr Hilderman , John segawa, Angela Kalule Spice Diana Stuart mutebi super fm , Bryan white and His Excellency the president and his Team

The chairs lost and broken in nakawuka, makindye and any other pending expanses will be cleared by me together with Julius Kyazze chairman UMA committe

Note other artists paid and registered with their association that list will be availed by the response members and other condolences messages went direct to the family. Like Nrm paid 6m in church I asked SG to hand it to the
Mother of the deceased in church at lubaga
What I put on wall is the truth known and received by Me in person

May his soul REST in peace

— Balaam Barugahara