By our reporter

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja has revealed that investigations into how Bank of Uganda Director for Supervision Justine Bagyenda managed to accumulate immense wealth is still ongoing.

The IGG had promised to probe Bagyenda following a whistleblower’s petition asking the ombudsman to carry out investigations into the source of over shs20 billion on three bank accounts and posh properties belonging to the former director.

In a petition dated February 20, the whistleblower alleges that Bagyenda operates shillings and dollar accounts in Diamond Trust Bank, Centenary, and Barclays banks on which she has stashed away billions.

According to our sources, on Wednesday the IGG grilled Bagyenda for more than six hours and during the session she was asked to explain sources of the money that she accrued on several bank accounts and how she accumulated the wealth that is attached to her name but she failed to furnish the Inspectorate with evidence detailing how she has amassed the wealth under her name.

She reportedly arrived at the IGG’s office at 10 am, and was grilled until after 4pm and she will return for more grilling probably next week.