By Watchdog reporter
Embattled police officer Aaron Baguma has been sent back to Kigo prison.
Justice Wilson Musene Masalu said on Wednesday that he will rule on Baguma’s bail application on Thursday.
State attorney Muwaganya had earlier objected to the bail application which he said was submitted “prematurely” to the court.
“One cannot apply for bail before the charges have been read to him,” he argued.
He asked the judge to strike out Baguma’s bail application said the applicant had not adduced any single exceptional circumstances to grant him bail and he had previously failed to respect court summons.
“Baguma has a history of defying lawful instructions, he is unlikely to honour any bail terms granted by this honourable court,” the state attorney said.

Baguma appealing in court1
Baguma’s lawyer however said “The issues raised by my learned colleague are only technical and do not go to the substance of this application.”
He added that Baguma was simply “over prepared” and should not be “blamed” for it.

Baguma, a police officer of five years and former DPC Central Police station, is being tried for his role in the murder of a business woman who was allegedly killed by car dealers.
Baguma has presented his sureties including Traffic boss AIGP Steven Kasiima, Robert Kato, a senior accountant in the ministry of defence and Emmanuel Muhanguzi, an uncle.