By Ivan Mubiru

In 2015, three childhood friends Delivad Julio, Mr. Lee and Bobby Lash came together and formed the group B2C an acronym for Born to Conquer.

Indeed after the release of their first song, Wansesera, the trio has gone on to conquer the hearts of adoring fans.

Two years down the road, B2C has released chart topping songs such as Ontagaza, Njabala, Sukuma, No You no life, Songea, Nyongera, Kapande, Wanyonoona, Gutamiiza among others.

Their breakthrough however, was in 2017 when they released their song dubbed Tokigeza. This earned them more admirers and a couple of awards. It is probably for this reason that they decided to hold their first ever concert at Freedom City on September 7.

All this they have done with the guidance of business man Andrew Mugerwa of Andy Events.

Andrew Mugerwa (Andy Events)

Now news reaching our desk is that the trio might be parting ways with the Mugerwa.

Sources say that after B2C’s Freedom City concert two months ago, they have never received a single coin. Mugerwa is yet to pay them even for the other subsequent seven mini concerts.  They still await the payment from the ‘B2C VIP Show’ show at AutoSpa that closed the ‘B2C Live in Concert’ tour.

Apparently, the manager has claimed he does not have money. This is one of the reasons the group has not yet gone back to studio to record new songs.

With lots of time on their hands, the trio early this week decided to shoot a video for one of their previously recorded song with Darlington of Zero 1 Media. What confirmed our suspicions that this trio finally parted ways with their manager was the deliberate omission of the tagline ‘Andy Events.’

The B2C boys have, however, avoided the question concerning their relationship with Andy Events but given the current events, it’s not a doubt that they are no longer working with their manager for two years.

Meanwhile, Mugerwa still maintains that he is still working with boys although there are ‘some managerial problems’ which will be sorted out in due time.